An updated report about Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador

Gerald Maja Kim ChiuHit this link and click the word subscribe under my name to get instant updates.

And speaking of Maja, upon searching Gerald Anderson’s name on Twitter, the examiner saw the tweet of Ogie Diaz about Gerald Anderson on Monday, Jan. 14, 2013 (Philippine time). According to Ogie, he believes that Maja and Gerald are now officially on contrary to rumor that Gerald is just starting to get to know her more. CONTINUE READING…..


  1. Gerald Anderson says ‘I would love to get to know Maja Salvador better’
  2. Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador’s first meeting in Davao
  3. Gerald Anderson admits courtship with Maja Salvador on ‘The Buzz’
  4. Gerald Anderson interview on ‘The Buzz’ teaser
  5. Gerald Anderson’s biggest revelation on ‘The Buzz’ about Maja Salvador
  6. Maja Salvador’s revelation about Gerald Anderson

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