Maricel Soriano is not happy working with Gerald Anderson

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A year ago, Maricel Soriano embroiled in a controversy, according to the report, Maricel maltreated her housemaids. That incident was one of the most publicize stories in both social and print media due to her celebrity status. CONTINUE READING……


  1. The TV series of Gerald Anderson will proceed even without Maricel Soriano
  2. Maricel Soriano’s last interview before her scandal with Gerald Anderson
  3. Latest update on Krista Miller and Cesar Montano’s rumored affair
  4. The truth behind Maricel Soriano and Gerald Anderson’s shouting incidental
  5. Sunshine Cruz: I’m not sure if Cesar Montano lives in a hotel with Krista Miller
  6. Sunshine Cruz explores her legal options in Cesar Montano-Krista Miller affair

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