How Gerald Anderson and Matteo Guidicelli fell in love with Sarah Geronimo?

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Rumors about his courtship with Sarah Geronimo started when he left the country along with the pop princess’s entourage for a series of shows in the U. S. last May, since then, reports circulated online that he called it quits with Jessy Mendiola, his rumored girlfriend before he flew to the U.S with Sarah Geronimo. Read More……


  1. Sarah Geronimo on rumored romance with Matteo Guidicelli: Truth will come out
  2. Matteo Guidicelli’s shower scene in Galema shudders Sarah Geronimo’s fans
  3. Atty. Danny Concepcion: Freddie Aguilar can be sued for seduction
  4. Sarah Geronimo will not allow Matteo Guidicelli to copy Gerald Anderson in 24/SG
  5. Freddie Aguilar falls in love with a 16-year old girl

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