On rumored Sarah Geronimo-Matteo Guidicelli romance: Divine Geron imo is doing the right thing

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Today, a lot of people say Sarah Geronimo is falling in love again, but according to some observers, her parents are approved of her suitor. This time, Mommy Divine received positive reactions from her bashers and critics online. “She is doing the right thing,” they said when they learned about Mommy Divine’s approval of Matteo Guidicelli. Read More…..


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  2. Do Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo have time to talk about love?
  3. Andi Eigenmann on Coleen Garcia: I don’t know her
  4. Is Andi Eigenmann flirting Sarah Geronimo’s rumored boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli?
  5. Sarah Geronimo translates her break up with Gerald Anderson into a song

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