On Sarah Geronimo; Matteo Guidicelli survived while Gerald Anderson failed

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The pop princess started singing while holding Gerald’s hand. It was an emotional moment for the two of them especially when the pop princess changed the lyrics of the song. Instead of music and me, she sang Gerald and me. They almost cried, but they still have managed to finished the song. Sadly, after that number, they parted ways. A painful experience indeed, but like what they said, that is life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Read More……


  1. Jessy Mendiola confirms break up with Matteo Guidicelli
  2. Sarah Geronimo on Matteo Guidicelli: I wish him more success and good health
  3. Matteo Guidicelli escorted Sarah Geronimo to go out of the coliseum
  4. Sarah Geronimo unites with Matteo Guidicelli for a cause; excites her fans
  5. Seven awards of Sarah Geronimo in ASAP POP Viewers Choice complete popsters day

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