Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo officially on

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In his column in The Philippine Star, Ricky Lo, one of the most respected entertainment journalists in the Philippines, confirmed the Sarah Geronimo-Matteo Guidicelli relationship. “Besides his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo (yes, she is!) who was, as reported by Funfare in a scoop last week, his VSG (Very Special Guest) on his 24th birthday party last March 28,” Ricky Lo said. Was it Matteo’s way of admitting his relationship with Mommy Divine’s precious daughter? Read More…..


  1. Matteo Guidicelli likes several photos of Sarah Geronimo
  2. Dra. Vicky Belo guarded Mommy Divine to make Sarah Geronimo & Matteo G happy
  3. Vhong Navarro expects Margarita Fajardo’s rape complaint
  4. Tony Calvento reveals new rape case filed against Vhong Navarro
  5. Tony Calvento confirms talks with Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla

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