Jed Fernandez and Ferdinand Guerrero at large; Deniece Cornejo, Zimmer Raz and Cedric Lee updates

Vhong Navarro update: Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee latest buzz

Vhong Navarro update: Tony Calvento and Deniece Cornejo talk about Taekwondo

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MJ and Raymond did a very good job. They got fresh information from Deniece. They were able to bring out the TV and print ad model’s hidden talent that almost shocked the fans and supporters of actor-TV host Vhong Navarro. “I was a bronze medalist,” she confirmed when asked if she really is a Taekwondo champion. Read More…..


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Watch Buzz Ng Bayan for Vhong Navarro-Roxanne Acosta Cabanero rape case (Boy Abunda)

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The brave journalist added that the It’s Showtime’s host’s lawyer is now studying filing a perjury case against Roxanne. “Vhong’s lawyer is carefully studying filing a case of perjury against Cabanero with damages,” Mr. Calvento continued. Anyway, if you are following this case, you better stay at home this coming Sunday and watch Buzz Ng Bayan because the show will tackle the second rape case filed by Roxanne Acosta Cabanero against Vhong Navarro. Read More……


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