Sarah Geronimo, John Lloyd Cruz refuse to talk about their personal lives

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Reports said he was one of the reasons why the It’s Showtime host got mad and slapped him along with his fellow artists during that night. had a chance to talk to John Lloyd regarding the incident, but the best actor refused to say anything about it. He only said “Let it rest” when asked about his opinion. Read More…..


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Sarah Geronimo, John Lloyd Cruz’s latest buzz

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Box office king John Lloyd Cruz said he is so lucky to have Angelica as his girlfriend. “Openness, that’s one. We really get along. We’re friends. We’re happy. The art that we appreciate, they tend to contradict each other but in the end, it makes it more exciting,” he said. John Lloyd never denied that sometimes, just like any other couple, they’re fighting, but he clarified that it was just a heated argument. Read More……


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Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz movie is extended

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The ABS-CBN management has decided to extend the showing of the top grossing Filipino film of all time (in a non-film festival category) due to insistent public demand. For the record, the third and reunion movie of Sarah and John Lloyd earned P375M gross income in its entire run. CONTINUE READING……