Mommy Divine plays major role in the Sarah Geronimo-Matteo Guidicelli relationship

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In the past, she was a villain to Sarah according to her daughter’s supporters especially when she allegedly showed her disapproval of her daughter’s relationship with Gerald Anderson who is now enjoying his relationship with Maja Salvador. That was almost two and a half years ago, but most of Sarah and Gerald’s supporters are still feeling the pain up to this very moment. Read More…..

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Sarah Geronimo and Marian Rivera; Dingdong Dantes and Gerald Anderson

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She called the actor womanizer right after her performance on her musical variety show “Sarah G, Live.” In the other side of the coin, Gerald moved forward. He found Maja Salvador interesting. He courted her and later on, they became a couple. Sarah and Gerald are happy now, they have their own lives. They are in love with their respective partners. Read More…..


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Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo have finally met their match

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There are sources confirming their relationship, but like what the pop princess said in one of her interviews, the confirmation must come from her and Matteo Guidicelli. For now, Sarah Geronimo is enjoying the fruit of her hard work and dedication in showbiz. Truly, she has everything in life, and possibly, compared to the past ten years of her life, her heart is now beating fast because she finally found her prince.

And if the pop princess is being tagged as the ultimate girlfriend material by a magazine, Matteo Guidicelli can also be named as the ultimate boyfriend material. Read more…..


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