Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli always find time to talk about love

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In front of her supporters at the Big Dome, the pop princess announced her desire to help the victims, according to her, the proceeds of Perfect 10 will be given to the victims of Yolanda. It was unexpected because popsters were thinking that Sarah Geronimo will just donate some of her personal belongings and sell it online, fortunately, they were wrong. Read More……


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Sarah Geronimo: I learned to accept the fact that we’re not meant for each other (John Lloyd Cruz or Rayver Cruz)?

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“I learned to accept the fact that we’re not meant for each other. Maybe, this is not the right time for us. These two reasons are playing on my mind. But the most important thing is, we continue the friendship. And I think, my love for that person will never be erased, Sarah said. Read More……


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Sarah Geronimo’s Perfect 10 and 24/SG concert; What are the differences? (Matteo Guidicelli and Gerald Anderson)

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In “24/SG, The Birthdy Concert” held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum a year ago, Sarah Geronimo went down the stage and greeted her fans, supporters and friends. Popsters screamed when they saw her went down the stage because Gerald Anderson was in the middle of the crowd, and after several minutes, she shook hands and walked with Gerald and greeted some of her friends who were at the gallery during that time. Read More…..


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