Sarah Geronimo caught on camera fixing Matteo Guidicelli’s hair


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Matteo Guidicelli’s parents on Sarah Geronimo: She is very, very beautiful

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According to them, Sarah Geronimo is now ready to say something about her relationship with Matteo, almost two years after her failed romance with another hunk actor Gerald Anderson. They all agreed that this is the right time for her to admit her relationship with Matteo despite the rumored interference of her mom, Divine Geronimo, who was also present during that night. Read More….


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Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli on Valentine’s Day?

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Some of Matteo’s followers reacted to the report, according to them, the actor is just misinterpreted when he said “I have no time for Sarah Geronimo” during his interview with ABS-CBN News two days ago because he is just following orders. But if they decided to defend Matteo to bashers, Kelly Lalo, one of the popsters advised the actor to reveal the truth about him and the pop princess. Read More…..


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Matteo Guidicelli still doesn’t want to watch Sarah Geronimo’s concert

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“I don’t know yet. I have taping, it’s a job. It’s a fixed schedule, so, I should be there if there’s really a taping,” Matteo told Yahoo when asked if he is willing to watch the concert at the Mall of Asia Arena on Nov. 30. Read more……


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