Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo latest buzz

What’s next for Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli?

Sarah Geronimo will get married at 30; Matteo Guidicelli will get married four years from now; Gerald Anderson wants to have a kid at 30

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Reports said she is planning to get married when she reaches the age of 30. On the part of Matteo, rumors are also circulating online that he is very much willing to settle down four years from now. Incidentally, Sarah will be celebrating her 26th birthday this coming July 25, that means, she will be turning 30 years old four years from now. But wait, Gerald is also telling everyone during his interview that he is also willing to have a kid at the age of 30. What do you think? Was it a coincidence or not? Read More…..


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Matteo Guidicelli dismisses Valentine’s date with Sarah Geronimo

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Aside from Matteo’s itinerary in Negros Occidental, Team Guidicelli also tweeted that the hunk actor is dismissing or rejecting the negative issues that continue to circulate online. “We don’t have time for negativity because Matteo Guidicelli has a lot of projects to promote. Biggest Loser Doubles this Feb. 3,” Team tweeted. Read More…..


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