Sarah Geronimo caught on camera fixing Matteo Guidicelli’s hair

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli flaunt their sexy and hot bodies

Sarah Geronimo on Matteo Guidicelli: He is very nice and talks a lot

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“What are the characteristics of Matteo Guidicelli you liked,” asked by the entertainment press to the pop princess. “He’s nice and talks a lot,” Sarah replied. Rumors about their relationship started when they went to the U.S. for a series of shows, since then, popsters and entertainment media didn’t stop, they tried to get some important matters about the rumored relationship, but like what the reports said, Sarah and Matteo remained silent. Read More…..


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Sarah Geronimo, Gerald Anderson fell in love at the wrong time

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Gerald Anderson came into Sarah’s life unexpectedly. He shuddered not only the pop princess but her supporters worldwide as well. Sadly, they decided to end their romance after a few months of being together. “Sarah Geronimo is so beautiful when Gerald Anderson is around,” Lorie Mae Selibio commented. Read More…..


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Netizens on Sarah Geronimo’s first boyfriend: John Lloyd Cruz or Rayver Cruz?

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“I learned to accept the fact that we’re not meant for each other. Maybe, this is not the right time for us. These two reasons are playing on my mind. But the most important thing is, we continue the friendship. And I think, my love for that person will never be erased,” Sarah Geronimo revealed. Read more……


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