Matteo Guidicelli’s parents on Sarah Geronimo: She is very, very beautiful

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According to them, Sarah Geronimo is now ready to say something about her relationship with Matteo, almost two years after her failed romance with another hunk actor Gerald Anderson. They all agreed that this is the right time for her to admit her relationship with Matteo despite the rumored interference of her mom, Divine Geronimo, who was also present during that night. Read More….


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Are Ejay Falcon and Enrique Gil in love with Sarah Geronimo?

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Is Enrique following the footsteps of Ejay Falcon and other local male celebrities? Ejay is one of the admirers of Sarah Geronimo. He expressed his desire to get to know the youngest coach of The Voice of the Philippines more when interviewed by the movie press several years ago. Read More……


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Have you watched Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo’s rumored suitor’s shower scene in Galema this afternoon?

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“I’m sure someone watched it but had to cover her eyes in your shower scene.” Obviously, Shea was thinking of Sarah Geronimo when she tweeted that message to Matteo. She was also insisting that aside from her, AshMatt and popsters, Sarah Geronimo had also the chance to watch Matteo’s naked body in Galema. Read More……


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