Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo latest buzz

Sarah Geronimo’s super selfie photo goes viral on web

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Reports added that the pop princess was seen riding on a taxi to be able to shoot some important scenes of her new movie with the TV series and Indie film King Coco Martin. But anyway, that was almost two weeks ago, today things have changed because the pop princess is showing her maturity as a person even though she is still hesitant to admit her relationship with the actor-athlete Matteo Guidicelli. And speaking of Matteo, a tweet of Justin, an avid supporter of the pop princess revealed that Matteo liked Sarah Geronimo’s selfie photo which was posted on Lala Flores’ Instagram account eleven hours ago. Read More……


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Gerald Anderson, Matteo Guidicelli in the life of Sarah Geronimo

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Reports said the most admired media company in the country is planning to give him a chance to work with the pop princess, but according to some observers, he is still hesitant when asked if he is willing to be part of Sarah G, Presents, the first drama anthology of the pop princess. Read More…….


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Jessy Mendiola about Matteo Guidicelli: There was a break up

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“You could say that breakup because we’re like M.U. (mutual understanding). But, I think so. In my 2013, a lot of things happened, and I could say that, uhm, you have to experience those things so you would know how to handle things next time. Or, like you could say that it’s a sign from God saying that no, it’s not the right time.” Read more…..


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Sarah Geronimo receives 7 awards because of her superb talent

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Sarah Geronimo did not attend the awarding ceremony. ASAP 18 only aired Sarah’s taped speech, but despite her absence, popsters still rejoiced. Her seven major awards on ASAP 18 are good example of her amazing journey in the local showbiz world. She started as nothing, but look at her today, she is one of the most talented concert performers in the industry aside from being a good actress. Read More……


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Is Matteo Guidicelli inspiring Sarah Geronimo to lose weight?

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“Didn’t you notice the sexiness of Sarah Geronimo?” Luis asked his audience. “What’s up? You look different today. Is there something different happening in your life? Why you look extraordinary today?” Luis asked Sarah Geronimo, who is now being romantically linked to Matteo Guidicelli, during his special appearance on the show. Read More……


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Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli look-a-like? (A must see photo)

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If you are a fan of Sarah and Matteo, you will notice their similarities. They stood up like the rumored couple. When it comes to outfit, they almost have the same taste. However, whether they are the rumored couple or not, the reality is, they still want to keep their relationship private. And if the tweets of Matteo are true, popsters can now declare that Sarah Geronimo has finally found someone who is sincere and willing to wait no matter how long it will take. Read More…..


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