Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli keep their relationship private

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Record shows that Sarah had two failed relationships while Matteo had an intriguing past with the Maria Mercedez star Jessy Mendiola. As you all know, Sarah has fallen in love with best friends Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson on two different occasions. Despite the failure, the pop princess continues, but this time, she is keeping her silence compared to her previous relationships. Matteo Guidicelli is one lucky guy. The report was almost confirmed by this morning. Read More…..


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Is Matteo Guidicelli inspiring Sarah Geronimo to lose weight?

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“Didn’t you notice the sexiness of Sarah Geronimo?” Luis asked his audience. “What’s up? You look different today. Is there something different happening in your life? Why you look extraordinary today?” Luis asked Sarah Geronimo, who is now being romantically linked to Matteo Guidicelli, during his special appearance on the show. Read More……


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