Sarah Geronimo keeps quiet; Matteo Guidicelli accepts the challenge

Sarah Geronimo had a successful show in Subic while Matteo Guidicelli is still undecided to post his activity in San Pablo City

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With caption “We terribly miss you, Sarah Geronimo,” Kattlin, tweeted a photo that shows the volume of people watching the show earlier this evening. Undoubtedly, the magic is still there despite the trials and intrigues that almost ruined the heart of the youngest coach of The Voice of the Philippines because it was a jam packed event in one of the first class cities in northern Philippines. Read More……


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What is the truth behind the rumored relationship of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli?

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Good for them, but why don’t they have current pictures together or spotted together it would be nice for both of them but if it just for publicity or for Galema ratings then we as fans are just tricking by this report. On the other hand hoping its true because Sarah Geronimo is not getting any younger and this is her time to have a boyfriend. Read More…..


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Sarah Geronimo turns emotional when asked about Matteo Guidicelli

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“It’s alright, until then. I want to be truthful to all of you the best way I can. I just want to remain silent,” said Sarah Geronimo. According to the report, something is bothering to Sarah because her eyes are threatening to dwell in tears while talking to the press. Did Sarah Geronimo get hurt with Matteo Guidicelli’s denial? What do you think? Read More……


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