Sarah Geronimo news and issues: Matteo Guidicelli, John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo Pascual & Gerald Anderson

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The pop princess is fresh from her successful movie with Coco Martin. According to the latest report; “Maybe This Time,” the first and only movie of Sarah with Coco is being considered by many as one of the successful movies of Star Cinema and Viva Films because of its a week income amounting to Php100M. Aside from her successful movie with the TV series king, Sarah Geronimo, girlfriend of actor-athlete Matteo Guidicelli, has also had two blockbuster movies with Gerald Anderson and three top grossing films with John Lloyd Cruz. Read More…….

Sarah Geronimo, John Lloyd Cruz refuse to talk about their personal lives

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Reports said he was one of the reasons why the It’s Showtime host got mad and slapped him along with his fellow artists during that night. had a chance to talk to John Lloyd regarding the incident, but the best actor refused to say anything about it. He only said “Let it rest” when asked about his opinion. Read More…..


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Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli latest update (Perfect 10)

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His fans got shocked when they heard the news concerning his whereabouts. Some of them said, they will go to the convention center to encourage Matteo to watch the concert of Sarah Geronimo. There are reports confirming his appearance, but according to some observers, they will only believe if the hunk actor leave the convention center and go to the Arena. Read More……


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Matteo Guidcielli and Sarah Geronimo’s very sweet moment

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This time, Matteo Guidicelli is the lucky guy. But like what the reports said, the two of them do not want to reveal their relationship. Are they hiding their romance? For some people who are very close to the rumored couple, they are not hiding their romance, according to them, they are just protecting their relationship. One good example is a report from this website, based on the article, some netizens have spotted Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidcielli holding their hands while walking in a village. Read More……


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