Sexy Sarah Geronimo and super hot Matteo Guidicelli are doing several projects

The long wait is over for Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli

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And now, after almost two years, Sarah opens her heart again and willing to learn more from her boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli. Popsters are excited for them, in fact, they are encouraging Star Cinema and Viva Films to produce a movie or even a TV series that will feature Sarah and Matteo. Unfortunately, the pop princess immediately ignored the issue when someone from the entertainment media asked her opinion on the matter, she said she will never let it happen to protect their relationship. Read More…..
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Is Mommy Divine Geronimo favoring Matteo Guidicelli for Sarah Geronimo?

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If some of them couldn’t believe that the leading man of Andi Eigenmann in the TV series “Galema, Daughter of Zuma,” is courting Sarah Geronimo because of love, popsters’ opinion is different compared to them because they believe that Matteo is really the right guy for their idol. They added that Mommy Divine Geronimo is favoring the hunk actor for her prized daughter. Read More…..


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Sarah Geronimo turns emotional when asked about Matteo Guidicelli

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“It’s alright, until then. I want to be truthful to all of you the best way I can. I just want to remain silent,” said Sarah Geronimo. According to the report, something is bothering to Sarah because her eyes are threatening to dwell in tears while talking to the press. Did Sarah Geronimo get hurt with Matteo Guidicelli’s denial? What do you think? Read More……


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