Vhong Navarro news: Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee and Roxanne Cabanero’s battle

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Obviously, all of them are facing a very long battle in court, but based on their previous statements, they are all ready to fight until the end. In the case of Vhong Navarro, the netizens, the brilliant lawyer Atty. Alma Mallonga and the very brave Filipino journalist Tony Calvento are all behind him because all of them believe that he is innocent. Read More…..



  1. Deniece Cornejo texted Cedric Lee while Vhong Navarro was inside her condo
  2. Tony Calvento & Vhong Navarro fight Roxanne Cabanero & Atty. Virgilio Batalla
  3. Tony Calvento, Rose Ann Aguilar clarify things about Roxanne Cabanero
  4. Deniece Cornejo insists Vhong Navarro raped her twice; Roxanne Cabanero update
  5. Buzz Ng Bayan airs detailed report in Vhong Navarro-Roxanne Cabanero case

Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo’s controversy latest update

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Vhong Navarro is still in the hospital, but based on the revelation of Chito Rono, his showbiz manager, he is now in a good condition and recovering. The comedy actor-turned-host got the attention of the netizens when he confirmed on Buzz Ng Bayan that he was a victim of Cedric Lee’s group. Read More….


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